donderdag 15 december 2016

Little Christmas Pine tree Pattern.

For all those people who don't read Dutch. Here is the pattern of the Little Christmas Pine Tree in English.

Crochet a Little Chrismas Pine Tree, the English version.

Use a thread or a stitch-marker to count the rows properly. Work your way up to the top.
  • Round 1 We start at the bottom of the Tree with a magic ring and make  6 singel crochet. pull the magic ring together and connect with a slip stitch
  • Round 2  increase  each stitch 2 singel crochet. (12)
  • Round 3  increase  every second stich 2 singel crochet (18)
  • Round 4 increase every 3 rd  stitch 2 singel crochet. (24)
  • Round 5 Increase  every 4 th stitch 2 singel crochet . (30)
  • Round 6 you start to chrochet only in the back stitches,  all the way to the top.
  • Decrese every 3rd row 3 times  2 stitches together  repeat until  only a few stitches  remains, then sew the stitches together. Fasten of.

Dont forget to stuff your tree!
Your Little Christmas Pine Tree is done.

Other options:
  1. ·      Take a diverent collor thread and insert  the hook under the front loop make a slipstich.  Slipstich your way tot he top of the tree. In a spiral.
  2. ·      In the front loops insert your hook and slipstich, chain 3 and slipstich in the next front loop, work all the way to the top.

Have fun creating the Little Christmas tree.

Greetings, Dinah creatief.

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Wat leuk dat je een berichtje achter laat. Dank je wel.
Lieve groet, dinah.